The Best Shapewear for Every Body Types

Shapewear has been receiving many bad raps that it is either too uncomfortable or too tight. As a matter of fact, the discomfort is due to the wrong size or the wrong piece for the specific body type. We all know that no two bodies are the same and not every piece of shapewear is […]


New Study Predicts Luxury Sales Will Outpace Pre-Pandemic Levels

Despite the pandemic rocking the globe over the past two years, the luxury goods sector is booming. In fact, it is set to move past the coronavirus crisis this year, thanks to the amount of spending taking place in the U.S. and China. Personal luxury goods like high end shoes, leather goods and jewellery are […]


How to be warm but fashionable this winter?

One of the major concerns, when winters arrive is that how can you be warm and fashionable at the same time? The thing is winter clothing is a lot different than summer or spring. You cannot simply go with luxurious clothing items without having a top layer that could protect you from the cold. You […]


Factors that are to be kept in mind while buying Wholesale Clothes

People in the fashion industry who love making a quick a profit love purchasing wholesale clothes to resell them at higher prices later. In fact, besides them, there are many other people who also purchase wholesale clothes and dress to save on the retail price only to resell them later at the retail prices. The […]


The Truth about Face Masks

The CDC stresses the use of “face coverings” rolling around in its recommendation, certainly not face mask. So, what’s the difference? A face covering can be any cloth that covers the nose and mouth, including a scarf or bandana wrapped across the face. To my knowledge, only 1 research article has tested fabric masks against […]